5-axis Considerations

Intelligent & fully automated 5-Axis processing provides greater accuracy, higher-quality finishes & reduced hand-finishing.

Generally Speaking, 5-Axis machining is a manufacturing process where computer numerically controlled axes moved in 5 ways are used to manufacture parts out of metal or other materials by milling away excess material. Typical CNC tools support translation in 3 axes; multi-axis or 5-axis machines also support rotation around one or multiple axes.

The number of axes for multi-axis machines varies from 4 to as many as 9. Each axis of movement is implemented either by moving the table (into which the workpiece is attached), or by moving the tool. The actual configuration of axes varies; therefore machines with the same number of axes can differ in the movements that can be performed.

5-axis machining can be broken down into two different categories; full, simultaneous 5-axis machining and 3+2 5-axis machining.

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