Assuring the Best Possible Outcome of Your Zirconia Restorations

Irina Tyannikova Technical Advisor at Nacera US put this useful information together on How to Ensure Accurate and Consistent Furnace Calibration 🤷‍♀️🎚⚠️

Due to model or age, different furnaces produce different amounts of heat and different outcomes, despite identical settings. Actual temperatures in the furnace chamber often do not correspond to the adjusted values of the furnace settings.

As a result, furnaces may under- or over-fire,leading to significant quality deviations in strength, color and translucency.

During sintering, Nacera Calibrate is able to evaluate incurring energy entire the sintering process. This energy input is composed for heating rate, temperature, and holding time.

The ceramic sintering of the delivered rings is used to adsorb heat energy during a normal sintering cycle. With the relevant sintering parameters it creates a defined vibration of these rings, which is evaluated using Nacera Calibrate.

After sintering, Nacera Calibrate measures the ceramic ring to determine temperature adjustments required for accuracy. Then the sintering temperature is corrected.

This will assure the best possible outcome of your zirconia!