Let's chat about the AX726DW Pro

Our AX726DW Pro is one of the newest additions of our Versamill series. This mill is part of our SPEED series. It earned its name because it reduces the need for machine calibration that slows down production. With its auto-calibration feature, the process is simplified and takes less time. We had users like you in mind when creating this machine, by adding specifications like the fully-automatic robotic 18-position blank changer, automatic tool management, and a 2.7kW max liquid-cooled spindle. Let's dive deeper into these features and learn why this mill will significantly improve your dental workflow.

18-position blank changer:
This new feature is revolutionizing the dental game. We recognize manually swapping out pucks in a dental milling machine can be a major drawback in your workflow. Consistent manual intervention demands manpower, thereby raising labor expenses and potentially causing fatigue among operators. This issue also increases your risk of errors. Manual handling increases the risk of misplacement or mishandling of pucks, which can affect the accuracy and quality of the final dental restoration. We know how important your time is so we designed this machine in order to allow the user to relax during the machining process. Since it is fully-automatic, it allows you to maximize productivity by overnight and weekend operation. Also, this feature holds multiple positions available for blanks. The machine can handle a variety of jobs without the need for frequent operator intervention, maximizing productivity and workflow efficiency. Along with this, it can hold and mill any dental material of your choosing, offering a range of versatility so you can convieniently cater to your patients needs. Overall, we believe that this specification is vital for the success of your workflow.

Automatic tool management:
Much like our blank changer, this feature is a massive perk in your dental workflow. It elevates precision by ensuring accurate tool calibration and alignment, leading to consistent high-quality dental restorations. Not only does it save you from mediocroe restorations, but it can also save your tool longevity by optimizing tool usage and minimizing the risk of tool damage or wear. Automatic management helps reduce maintenance and replacement costs over time. This is an essential feature to consider when looking for a mill.

2.7kW max liquid-cooled spindle:
When milling, your spindle is a very important aspect to consider. The quality of the spindle affects the smoothness and accuracy of milled surfaces, influencing the final fit and aesthetics of dental restorations. Cutting out time wasting processes by using our SPEED mill, our fellow friend Dr. William Cartee, DMD in Lexington Kentucky, claims that he has been able to finalize his restorations with almost "zero post-processing." With that being said, we think you should make the switch to our AX726DW Pro and allow your patients the relief of obtaining wonderful restorations.

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