New Machine Released at Labday Chicago 2020

Digital DenturesDigital Dentures
Digital DenturesWe released the new Versamill 5X450 at LabDay Chicago 2020 and it was met with geat interest.

The Versamill 5X450 falls nicely between the Versamill 5X400 and the Versamill 5X200.

With the following features, the Versamill 5X450 is a great choice for not only traditional crown & bridge applications, but also fo the fabrication of custom abutments made from titanium pre-milled blanks, dentures and restorations made from titanium CAD/CAM discs.
- Higher speed rotary axis performance vs Versamill 5X400
- 260Kg cast and fabricated frame
- 1.28kW/20Ncm torque spindle
- 15mm diameter ballscrews

This machine is priced from $59,500 Click Here to learn more.
Watch the video.