Make your workflow simpler with the Versamill Chairmaxx

Digital dentistry is quickly becoming our new reality. Though intimidating at first, we have simplified this process for users like you in order to provide an overall convenient experience. Our Versamill Chairmaxx is a wonderful addition to your lab or practice because it allows you to have complete freedom and flexibility. This machine will eliminate any fears you may have by being a fully open system, giving you the ability to work with your preferred workflow while offering a wide variety of upgrade paths. This machine's design, accuracy, flexibility, and speed have made digital dentistry simpler than ever imagined! Let's dive deeper into this machine and learn how it can improve your workflow.

The Chairmaxx has a range of features that elevate its performance to unparalleled heights. Its flexible voltage compatibility, spanning from 100 to 220VAC, ensures seamless integration into any setup. Also, you can say goodbye to obnoxiously loud milling. This mill provides whisper-quiet operation, thanks to advanced noise shielding technology, ensuring a serene atmosphere conducive to patient comfort and practitioner focus. Moreover, its auto tool breakage detection and calibration capabilities streamline workflow, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With a built-in air compressor and wet milling functionality, the Chairmaxx offers a comprehensive solution for dental milling needs.

Accuracy and flexibility:
Delving deeper into the features of the Versamill Chairmaxx, its precision is truly remarkable, with complete accuracy up to less than 20 micrometers. This level of precision ensures that dental prosthetics and restorations fabricated with the Chairmaxx meet the highest standards, delivering optimal fit and function for patients. Additionally, the Chairmaxx's capability to create thin connector lines significantly reduces post-processing time. These fine lines not only enhance the aesthetics of the final restoration but also minimize the need for extensive polishing or adjustments, saving valuable time for dental technicians.

Furthermore, the Chairmaxx stands out for its open CAD/CAM system architecture, a feature that highlights its versatility and compatibility. By embracing an open system, users can effortlessly import .stl files from any CAD software. This means that regardless of the preferred CAD software utilized by the dental team, seamless integration with the Chairmaxx is guaranteed. This empowers dental professionals to leverage their existing design tools and expertise, ensuring a smooth transition to incorporating the Chairmaxx into their workflow.

The speed at which the Versamill Chairmaxx operates is not just a convenience; it's a transformative feature that revolutionizes dental restoration procedures. With the capability to fabricate single-visit dental restorations in an astonishingly short span of 8 to 15 minutes, this machine sets a new standard for efficiency in dental clinics. This rapid turnaround time is made possible by the Chairmaxx's user-friendly touch screen LCD interface, which simplifies and streamlines the entire production process.

Imagine being able to produce the best-fitting restorations in as little as 8 minutes, with zero-to-minimal hand finishing required. This not only saves valuable time for both patients and practitioners but also ensures that patients can leave the clinic with their dental work completed in a single visit, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and reducing overall chair time.

The significance of the Chairmaxx's speed extends beyond mere convenience. Its rapid production capabilities are particularly advantageous for materials like glass-ceramic, hybrid-ceramic, zirconia, and PMMA, enabling the creation of a wide range of dental restorations including crowns, inlay/onlays, and veneers in record time. This is made possible by the ChairMaxx's powerful dual 0.5kW, 100,000 rpm spindles.

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