ROI Calculators


Two Return on Investment Calculators are now available on the Axsys Dental Solutions website.

Both calculators provide meaningful ROI estimates by, in addition to taking into account traditional machining/processing times, consumable costs, etc., also take in as input important information related to operating expenses including: employee hourly pay-rate and burden-rate as well the company's overhead burden rate.

Once the operating expenses are entered, users just need to enter their abutment, zirconia and/or glass-ceramic production rate, sales volume and the amount for which they sell their abutments, zirconia and glass-ceramic units for.

The calculators then do the rest with the end result reporting:

  • ROI timeframe
  • Total cost per unit
  • Total annual revenue, operating costs, profit and business margin
  • Profit margin on that business

The calculators further provide annual costs for:

  • Materials
  • Tooling
  • Labor
  • Overhead

The Zirconia/Glass Ceramic Machining ROI Calculator can be found here.
The Abutment Machining Calculator can be found here.