Selecting a Dental Machining Center

Of the many components that make up the Digital Dental Manufacturing Solution, the milling machine stands as the heart of the system. While many dental mills are capable of manufacturing soft materials, few DMC’s (Dental Machining Centers) can effectively, reliably and profitably provide the ability to utilize the entire range of materials in use today or that will be most certainly be available in the future.
The key is finding a small footprint milling machine that offers all the best features and benefits of large industrial high speed CNC machine tools that is reliable, easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance. Such a machine would require adherence to strict design standards, use of high precision components, flawless assembly and the rigidity to insure the surface finish of the end product produced is of the highest quality.


A general answer would be that which provides the ability of the DMC to quickly and accurately produce a finished product while maintaining the geometric integrity of the cutting tool while engaged in the material being machined. While frequently overlooked, the internal makeup of the machine does have a significant impact on the quality of the final products and overall reliability of the machine. A great method of visualizing this would be to imagine having one wheel on your automobile out of balance. A balanced wheel offers a smooth ride while an unbalanced wheel produces vibration, increases wear on tires and drivetrain components and introduces all manner of handling problems. Just as a balanced drive system greatly improves your automobiles ride comfort, reliability and life expectancy; a well-balanced, smooth running, vibration free Dental Machining Center will greatly increase the quality and accuracy of any dental restoration while increasing cutting tool life and
requiring much less error inducing, profit robbing post-machining processing.

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