Speed Sintering

Nowadays, time and energy efficiency are decisive factors for your productivity and provide a significant advantage over the competition. Make the most of this advantage with our speed sintering furnaces.

The market now offers zirconium oxide ceramics that withstand higher heating and cooling rates, and therefore can be sintered through in shorter periods of time. For these shorter sintering processes, you need the right equipment: The HT-S Speed and HT Speed sintering furnaces. Your heating system is specially developed to meet the particular requirements of speed sintering. Even the extremely long-lasting speed sintering trays are perfectly suited to this.

For you, this simply means you save huge amounts of time and have a better workload. Until now, sintering processes have been very time-consuming. However, by using a suitable material, the program duration can be significantly reduced. Sintering cycles that have been shortened so significantly use less energy and are therefore better for the environment, while also lowering your consumption costs.

The speed heating elements we use also offer you an additional bonus: Unwanted yellow/green discoloration does not occur. Mihm-Vogt speed sintering furnaces are therefore perfectly suited to use with translucent zirconium oxide.

In addition to all of these benefits, all the functions included on our standard sintering furnaces are also available. The intelligent electronics on the Mihm-Vogt speed sintering furnaces automatically detect whether you are using a standard program or a speed program.

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