Versamill 5X500L: The Automated All-In-One Solution

The dental industry is continuously evolving, with new technologies enhancing precision, efficiency, and versatility in dental restorations. Axsys Dental's Versamill 5X500L is a testament to these advancements, setting new standards in dental CAD/CAM machining. Here, we explore the key features that make the 5X500L a standout solution for dental professionals.

Labial Side Machining
One of the significant challenges in dental machining is the precision and efficiency required for the labial (or buccal) side texture and undercut areas. The Versamill 5X500L addresses this with the Versamill AX500/500L open C-Type Jig. This innovative design minimizes the time spent on precision machining and post-machining processes, ensuring high-quality outcomes with reduced effort.

Best-in-Class Spindle
The heart of the Versamill 5X500L's performance lies in its powerful spindle from Sycotec, Germany. Renowned for its excellent performance, this spindle allows for the machining of all dental CAD/CAM materials, including metals such as Co-Cr, titanium, and Ni-Cr. This versatility ensures that dental professionals can rely on the 5X500L for a wide range of restorative materials.

Wireless Auto Calibration
Precision and accuracy are paramount in dental machining, and the Versamill 5X500L excels in this aspect with its Wireless Auto Calibration feature. This advanced function enhances usability and maintains optimal operating conditions, ensuring consistent accuracy. The Auto Calibration function is particularly beneficial in assuring the precise location of each position of a pre-milled blank, facilitating the fabrication of precision custom abutments.

The Automated All-in-One Solution
Designed with the future of dental machining in mind, the Versamill 5X500L embodies the latest in high-speed dental machining technology. It meets the demanding requirements of modern CAD/CAM processing, allowing for the reliable and precise processing of virtually all current and future dental materials in a single, simple system.

The standard zero-point clamping system of the Versamill 5X500L enables fast and precise changes of the complete blank holder. This system also accommodates a wide range of adapters, facilitating the processing of dental materials in various form factors, including pre-milled abutment blanks and glass-ceramic blanks. The inclusion of C-Clamp holders further enhances its versatility.

Embracing Digital Dentistry 2.0
In line with the "Factory of the Future" automation concept, the Versamill 5X500L fully supports Digital Dentistry 2.0. Its fully automated blank magazine loader allows for the versatile, precision machining of numerous restorations in up to 12 blanks during unmanned operations. This level of automation not only increases productivity but also ensures consistent high-quality results, making it an invaluable asset in any modern dental laboratory.

Axsys Dental's Versamill 5X500L is more than just a dental machining center; it's a comprehensive solution designed to meet the evolving needs of the dental industry. With features like labial side machining, a best-in-class spindle, wireless auto calibration, and full support for Digital Dentistry 2.0 automation, the 5X500L stands out as a revolutionary tool for dental professionals.

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