The Axsys Advantage: Why It's Time to Make the Switch

In the world of dental machining, Roland has long held the crown in North America, boasting the highest machine sales. Their strategy has primarily revolved around competitive pricing and an extensive network of distributors. However, while Roland may have dominated the market in terms of sales volume, there's a growing realization among industry insiders that Versamill, offered by Axsys Dental Solutions, presents a superior alternative. Let's delve into why Versamills are emerging as the preferred choice over Roland. In today's blog, we will be comparing our Versamill ax305D with the Roland DWX-52D Plus.

Quality Over Quantity:

Roland's success has largely been attributed to its aggressive pricing strategies. Yet, this has often come at a cost to quality. Compromises in design and components have led to a range of issues, including longer milling times, shortened tool life, and poor overall quality of restorations. These compromises not only affect the end product but also result in thicker margins, increased rework, and excessive post-machining handwork. The Roland DWX-52D plus does not include critical features that are essential to ones workflow. Below is a comparison between the two mills technical advantages:

Versamill ax305D:
1.Spindle: .5kW direct drive
2.Spindle: 60,000 rpm max
3. Ball Screw: 20mm
4. Guides: Linear
5. Base/Frame: Granite
6. Weight: 100kg
7. Axsis drive system: closed-loop, servo motor
Roland DWX-52D plus:
1.Spindle: unpublished
2.Spindle: 30,000 rpm max
3. Ball Screw: 8.5mm
4. Guides: Cylindrical Ball-spline
5. Base/Frame: Fabricated Aluminum
6. Weight: 67kg
7. Axsis drive system:open-loop stepper motor

In contrast, Versamill machines are engineered with precision and durability in mind. Built using construction techniques and materials akin to those found in industrial CNC machines, Versamills ensure consistent performance and reliability over the long haul. This translates to superior restorations and ultimately enhanced profitability for dental labs.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run

While Roland may entice customers with discounted machines or freebies like training and consumables, the true cost of ownership tells a different story. The cost for the DWX-52D Plus is $26,995, but they tack on sneaky costs for their additional accessories such as the pin-type adapter ($499.95), C-Clamp ($430.95), and an external PC for machine control ($3,500), which will end up resulting in a whopping total of $31,426. Another thing to note, is that Roland requires 1 CAM license per machine. These CAM licenses typically run between $4,000-$7,500. Multiple machine Roland installations require a significantly greater investment in capital equipment. The ongoing expenses associated with subpar performance, frequent calibrations, and unreliable service can quickly add up, outweighing any initial cost savings.

Now, it is actually cheaper to buy a Versamill ax305D over a Roland DWX-52D Plus. Versamill offers a compelling alternative by delivering significant savings in the long-term cost of ownership. The ax305D includes machine control, Pin-type adapter, and C-Clamp resulting in a total of $26,995. Also, Versamill ax305D requires 1 CAM license to run any number of ax305D machines. Overall, Versamill is a more viable choice because it allows you to save in the long run and provides one peace of mind in knowing there are no hidden costs.

Service You Can Rely On

One of the downsides of Roland's widespread distribution network is the challenge of obtaining timely and quality service. With numerous distributors spread across the United States, maintaining consistent service standards becomes a daunting task. Many Roland distributors struggle to provide adequate support, leading to frustrations among users who rely on these machines for their daily operations. For example, Roland's assertion of providing comprehensive training over the phone within a mere two hours is significantly downplayed. The reality is that training encompassing machine operation, setup, CAM, and related aspects involves complexities that necessitate several days of thorough training to ensure proficiency.

Axsys Dental Solutions, on the other hand, takes a different approach. With a dedicated team boasting over 800 man-years of manufacturing and machine tool experience, Axsys provides unparalleled sales and support services.
Our services include:

  • Onsite, help desk and web-based support.
  • Specialized Fast-start customer service support programs.
  • Customer portal facilitating secure data exchange and providing access to updates, software modules and additional website features.
  • Sophisticated software analysis tools enabling remote development and debugging of machining templates for "outside the box" applications.
  • World-class training with emphasis on real-world, user-specific functionality.
  • Remote and on-site machine troubleshooting and repair.
    Clients benefit from the Axsys Advantage—a commitment to superior service and technical expertise that ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Making the Switch

It's clear that Versamill, backed by Axsys Dental Solutions, offers a compelling proposition for dental labs seeking to elevate their digital machining capabilities. With superior quality, reliable service, and long-term cost-effectiveness, Versamill emerges as the preferred choice for discerning professionals in the field of digital dentistry.

Join the ranks of industry leaders who have already made the switch to Versamill! Discover why the Axsys Advantage is setting new standards in dental machining and revolutionizing the way restorations are crafted. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to excellence with the Versamill ax305D from Axsys Dental Solutions.

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