The NEW Versamill® AX314DW

The AX314DW is a desktop milling machine specialized for soft & hard materials. Small and compact, but fast and accurate. The extremely stable construction of the AX314DW enables the efficient dry-machining of dental restorations. Optimized to delicately mill with thin, clean margins, the prostheses that require sophisticated techniques such as facial, undercut, inlay, and veneer can be milled precisely—without chipping.

This high precision dental mill includes a multitude of features. At the heart of the Versamill AX314DW lies a high-torque, 0.5 kW maximum spindle equipped with ceramic hybrid bearings. These bearings serve a dual purpose: they not only reduce margin thickness but also extend the spindle's lifespan. By minimizing deflection and safeguarding against contamination from cutting chips and coolant, these bearings ensure unparalleled durability in every restoration.

The incorporation of a C-Clamp fixture further underscores the commitment to excellence embodied by the Versamill AX314DW. This fixture offers unlimited access to critical facial features, allowing dental technicians to achieve the highest levels of aesthetics without the constraints of undercuts or typical manufacturing limitations. With this innovative design, practitioners can rest assured that each restoration will be executed with unmatched accuracy and attention to detail.

However, precision alone is not enough to satisfy the demands of modern dentistry. The Versamill AX314DW goes above and beyond by prioritizing strength and rigidity, essential qualities for efficient restoration processing. Thanks to its robust construction, this milling machine can effortlessly handle the most challenging tasks while yielding the thinnest and cleanest of restorative margins.

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