The next-generation Versamill

Introducing the new Versamill SPEED Series from Axsys Dental Solutions. Proudly assembled and inspected in the USA.


The new 7-Series is the fastest mill in the industry and can be the lifeblood of any lab. The Versamill AX726 DW-Pro is designed for maximum flexibility and can process materials wet or dry. It can accept input from any design program and process any material--including titanium. Its precise construction reduces the need for machine calibration; plus, it has auto calibration features that simplify the process and saves time. It can mill block thicknesses up to a whopping 40mm. All Versamill SPEED spindle drives are selected for consistent, high-torque over the useable rpm range and are considered the best in the business. It is this aspect of a spindle that is more important than power rating. SPEED spindles are liquid cooled 3X hybrid bearings to maintain precision and the longest life possible.