Versamill AX314DW Features and Advantages

These features make the Versamill AX314DW a standout choice for dental professionals seeking a compact, precise, and durable milling machine.

1. Specialization:

  • Material Compatibility: Suitable for both soft and hard materials.
  • Application: Ideal for dental restorations requiring sophisticated techniques such as facial, undercut, inlay, and veneer milling.

2. Design and Build:

  • Compact Size: Small and desktop-friendly, making it suitable for various lab environments.
  • Stable Construction: Extremely stable design that enables efficient dry-machining.

3. Performance:

  • Speed and Accuracy: Fast milling capabilities with high precision.
  • Thin, Clean Margins: Optimized to delicately mill with thin, clean margins without chipping.

4. High Precision Components:

  • Spindle: High-torque, 0.5 kW maximum spindle with ceramic hybrid bearings.
  • Ceramic Hybrid Bearings: Reduce margin thickness, extend spindle lifespan, minimize deflection, and protect against contamination from cutting chips and coolant.

5. Fixture Design:

  • C-Clamp Fixture: Provides unlimited access to critical facial features, enabling high aesthetics and precise detail without manufacturing limitations.

6. Strength and Rigidity:

  • Robust Construction: Ensures efficient processing of restorations and handles challenging tasks while maintaining thin and clean restorative margins.

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