Versamills Are Different - Much More than an ARUM

Despite what you may be told, our Arum-based Versamill precision dental machining centers are decidedly different than the standard Arum machines delivered by other distributors.

Each Versamill is performance tuned by our team of machine tool and CAD/CAM experts and contain exclusive enhancements specifically designed to increase performance, durability and reliability.


Here are just a few of our enhancements that are available exclusively through Axsys Dental Solutions:

  • Modifications to axes drive system to provide smoother, faster machine

  • Custom coolant delivery system to increase durability and coolant delivery to
    the cutting surfaces.

  • Numerous modifications to improve interface and operational performance.

  • Upgraded spindle drive system providing increased spindle power & torque.

  • Modifications to tool change cycle resulting in an approximate 50% reduction
    in chip-to-chip tool change operations

  • Modification to machine control parameters to improve interface and
    operational performance.

  • Specially designed and manufactured stainless steel lithium disilicate and
    NT-Trading Pre-form holding fixtures that provide significantly
    increased durability, accuracy and repeatability.

  • Custom CAM machining template providing greater flexibility, superior
    surface finishes and gingival margin integrity with faster machine cycle times.

  • Custom libraries providing greater flexibility and significantly more aesthetic
    emergence profiles.

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